About CVE


Located in the heart of central Minnesota, Center Valley Enterprises is a technology company focused on meeting the individual needs of it's customers.


About me:

When I was in high school I was interested in drafting. I worked full time at a drafting and design firm, and attended college for mechanical design and drafting.

While at the drafting firm, I had an opportunity to work on several projects involving graphic art and photo manipulation. I found that type of work to be fascinating.

I eventually got burned out on drafting, and made a career change. I spent the next 11 years working as a paramedic and educator in that field. During those years I learned web design and development, and did website work as a hobby. I also did a lot of graphic design work as an educator, and worked on several marketing projects for the company I worked for.

I recently decided it was time to make another career change, and pursue my interests in web design and graphic design.

So, in July of 2011, I launched the web services 'division' of CVE.


On the website, you'll notice several places that I say 'we' instead of 'I'. While CVE is primarily a one man operation, I do subcontract some particular types of work, such as database development. Also... "we" just sounds better in some places.

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