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I've spent a large amount of my time over the last few years trying to understand Google.

If you run a website, or part of your business is done on the web, Google is your best friend. For most of my websites my Google traffic is more than double that of ALL other search engines combined.


Google is king, and position on Google can make or break your website. For my razor website ( my taffic more than doubled in moving from the second spot on Google to the first spot for my target search term.


The importance of Google ranking ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH!!!!

So... How do you get that great Google ranking for your website?

You need good search engine optimization - SEO for short.

There are several web services companies in the Brainerd area that claim to offer SEO services. From my inspection of their websites, less than 10% really understand what's involved with SEO.


At the request of a client that was disappointed with search rankings - I looked at some websites from one so-called "SEO expert"; The way the pages were designed made it IMPOSSIBLE for Google to even know what the websites were about.

The result? Not just a Google ranking off the front page - absolutely NO Google ranking at all for search terms that are important to that business.


What should you look for in a SEO provider?

If they promise you results, don't believe them. Google is EXTREMELY protective of their search algorithm. Anyone that's not an engineer at Google doesn't know for sure what they are looking for. That said; they do provide a lot of information for designers and developers to help them understand the basics of what they are looking for. A good designer/developer understands as much as possible how Google ranks pages, and knows how to structure those pages to make them friendly for Google.

What about other search engines?

If you rank near the top of Google, you will likely rank near the top of the other search engines as well. A good SEO provider doesn't ignore non-Google search engines. The focus, for now, must be Google - but it is important that the other search providers can find you as well.


I am proud to say that so far, EVERY website I have put together has achieved front-page Google ranking for it's target search terms within a reasonable amount of time. I have websites with very competitive search terms that are number one on Google, and have maintained that position for a long period of time.

Search engine rankings are HUGE to the success of your company. Don't trust them to just anyone.

CVE is a web services company in the Brainerd area that understands search engine rankings.

Whether you want a full website designed and developed, or just need a consultation about how to improve your Google ranking, give us a call.

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