Animation of Photo Manipulation

Animation of Photo Manipulation

This was a project for a client. He had caught the fish, and liked the pose in one picture holding it, but liked the fish better in a different picture.


This gives an idea of what was involved with the manipulation - the background and parts of his shirt had to be recreated, along with a masked version of the fish being overlayed. From there a few tweaks to make him look better, and fix the lighting.


Note: After seeing numerous pictures of the fish, it simply looked smaller in the original picture than in other pictures. Based on the photos I decided it was ok to do this manipulation. Good fishing ethics dictate that fish should not be manipulated to look larger in photos than they are in reality. In this case, I felt that the final product was a truer representation of the fish than the original photo.

Please don't ask me to make your fish or deer look bigger in a photo, unless you have some kind of evidence that the fish or deer is actually as big as you want me to make it look, as was the case here.

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