Whether you need a simple single page site, or a multi-page site with a content management system (CMS) Center Valley Enterprises is here to help.

I believe that your website should be easy to use. I don't think you should have to pay a developer every time you want to add something to your site.

I specialize in creating sites with Drupal (a very robust CMS) and utilizing add-ons that make the site as user friendly as possible. You'll never have to write code, and you'll never need to hire someone to put things on your site. If you can send an e-mail, you'll be able to add content to your CMS website.

I can even set up an e-commerce system for you. If you're looking to sell something, whether it's an electronic product such as an e-book download, or a physical product I can put together a robust shopping cart system to fit your needs.

If a CMS isn't your cup of tea, I can also create a more traditional website for you.

Everything designed by CVE is search engine friendly.


What is a CMS?

Basically this allows someone to access the website to add or change content.

A content management system allows a user with no background in web authoring or code languages to easily make additions, changes, and deletions to the content of a website. Without a CMS the maintainer of the website must be able to write code languages, such as HTML and CSS.

Content can be added to any area of the website at any time. It can also be edited or taken down at any time. For instance, if you have an event that’s coming up, you can put information about it on the home page or as a link from the home page. When the event is over you can take it off just as easily.


What is domain name registration?

A domain name is your web address. is the domain name for Google. In order to have a domain name it must be registered, which involves fees for the initial registration, and to keep the domain registered.


What is web hosting?

All of the information on a website is stored on a computer called a server. Web hosting is basically renting space on the server.


What can CVE do for me?

I will sit down with you to make sure I understand the project. We will come up with a basic layout and design for your site. From there, I will take care of domain registration, hosting, and development of the site. Everything from concept to completion will be taken care of for you.


Single HTML/CSS pages starting at $250 + domain registration & hosting.

Themed CMS sites starting at $800 + domain registration & hosting.

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